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Photo credit: Michael Bezjian


Zarah (pronounced as ZAY-rah), also known as Zarah Maillard, is a force to be reckoned with. A true multi-talented entertainer, she is a recognized American TV personality—Author—Singer-songwriter—Producer who has a lifelong love affair with music. Notable for hosting B InTune TV, which integrated music and Hollywood stars, Zarah edutained teens in a 120 million homes for eight seasons. Her recordings weren’t her only musical highlights. Performing live including with rock band Goo Goo Dolls across the country, earned her praises from the industry professionals, proving her talent not just an indomitable artist but also, as a performer. 

Deeply rooted in classics like Led Zeppelin to modern rock genre such as Collective Soul with a hint of pop, the Manila-born LA-based artist writes, arranges, and produces songs of personal reflections, going deep in our human psyche. Her haunting melodies are uniquely wrapped in epic retro rock-sounding originals that complement her powerful voice and her well-kept rebellious spirit she that relishes on stage. Zarah recently published her first-in-series murder mystery novel Diamonds are For Cocktails featured in Times Square billboard New York, garnering her an endorsement from Fox News. 

Set to release beginning summer of 2023, her carefully crafted upcoming Blind Woman debut album with musicians like Chris Chaney of Jane's Addiction, the LA Philharmonic as background orchestra, and mix engineer Mark Needham and remastered at the McCartney Studios, will release a single of the same title following What Have We Become? After a long hiatus in music, a whirlwind of life events, and just when one least expects. Zarah—is once again—ready to rock the world stage.

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Photo credit: Michael Bezjian

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