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A quiet weekend morning in Chateau de Bagnol in Provence, France #chateau #beautifuldestin

Château de Bagnols, France

Author ZARAH Publicity Headshot Diamonds are For Cocktails: A Novel

ABOUT Zarah...

Primarily known as an American television personality, writer and producer, ZARAH (pronounced as ZAY-rah) is also a trained actress and an accomplished recording artist who performed with rock bands like Goo Goo Dolls. Her flair for edutainment utilizing music had inspired teens through her various media platforms of educational excellence programs mainly her nationally syndicated television series B InTune TV. She is the co-founder of B InTuneCARES—a global media initiative for youth which focuses on edutainment to help advance music and arts education in conjunction with the United Nations and its humanitarian efforts.  


Based out of Los Angeles but originally born in Manila, Philippines, ZARAH's love for story-telling did not come into fruition until her adult life. Searching for a better avenue to turn to as a growing artist, she wrote her first lyrics as a songwriter when she was fourteen and it was self-evident that she had secretly fallen for creative writing.

ZARAH's viewing of the world is seen through the prism of her creative mind driven by her passionate heart. Her descriptive style of writing along her sense of character development while incorporating her own personal experience in an elegant setting is what make her fictionalized stories palpable to readers. Thus, intriguing them with storylines and plot twists that literally transports them to the most beautiful places in the world in vivid illustrations as if they are there. While the general population is not able to travel or visit to certain places, ZARAH brings it straight to their doorsteps. 


A contributing writer for B InTune TV for many years, ZARAH penned her first novel Diamonds are For Cocktails, a glamorous thriller after experiencing life in the French Riviera where she never saw beauty the same way again. She followed up her book with a screenplay mirroring the same title Diamonds are For Cocktails (The Movie)which is currently under development. ZARAH began writing a sequel to her book Diamonds are For Cocktails: Part Deux along its movie shortly after.​ Her background as a television producer enabled her to transition into film projects developing major motion pictures.

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Château Eza, Èze Village, France

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