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Diamonds are For Cocktails © 2021
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Writer I Singer-Songwriter
TV personality IProducer

Diamonds are For Cocktails © 2021

A Glamorous Murder Mystery Thriller Novel by ZARAH

Diamonds are For Cocktails
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Diamonds are For Cocktails © 2021


Zarah’s 'Diamonds are For Cocktails' is a glitzy literary adventure where anything seems to go in the Côte d'Azur...and the rich indulge in endless pleasures. Mysteries are to be uncovered, but for readers, it’s all part of the escapade – one that doesn’t require renting a yacht.



Diamonds are For Cocktails: A Novel by ZARAH Book Cover

  —  Stephanie Nelasco, Fox News

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A riveting plot full of intrigue and surprise that will leave you wanting more.
Wealth. Glamour. Privilege. Power. Murder. French Riviera.
Diamonds are For Cocktails © 2021
Where illusion is reality. And reality is illusion.
Welcome to the world of 
Camille and James.
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La Salle Belle Epoque, Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Zarah Maillard known as ZARAH is a recognized American television personality, producer, and writer who edutained teens by integrating music and Hollywood stars in her nationally syndicated series, “B InTune TV.” Her career as a recording artist included performing with Goo Goo Dolls. She was also a driving force in advancing music and arts education for youth.

Born in Manila, Philippines, and raised in Los Angeles, Zarah’s longtime passion for storytelling finally came to fruition after penning her first novel, Diamonds are For Cocktails, much through the prism of her creative soul, thus writing stories that are visually appealing and palpable to readers.

When her mind is not laced with diabolic plots and mysteries, or memorable characters of startling frankness, she loves to travel, enjoys French food and wine, and takes some time for relaxation—while she is really dreaming of how to murder you.

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